Our Clients cover a wide range of activities from Agriculture to Information Technology.

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We have accumulated in-depth knowledge which we tailor to the particular needs of each individual business.

Tax planning is a priority ensuring that our clients claim all reliefs available.

Our focus at the moment is profit extraction and succession planning.

We are also experienced with Revenue audits and investigations (for example Offshore assets)

We aim to make a difference!

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Deadline for Companies March 2019


Due between 1st-23rd March

Year ended 1st to 3oth April 2019 Preliminary tax

Year ended  1st to 3oth June 2018:

Corporation tax return

Pay balance of tax due

Returns of third party information

Where the return and payments are not received electronically, the return and payments filing date is 1-21 of the relevant month.

Tax deadlines for March 2019


     31st - Deadline for claiming separate assessment and nominating assessable spouse/civil partner


14th -  Monthly return for the period ended 28th February 2019.


19th - Monthly/bi monthly/annual return VAT3 return for the period ended 28th February 2019.

Return of Trading Details if accounting period ends in February.


23rd - Monthly return for the period ended 28th February.

Where the returns are paid and filed on ROS, the deadline is extended to 23rd of the month.