Income tax on Relevant Payments for Small Companies

Relevant payments include annual payments, patent royalties, certain interest payments. Income tax payable on relevant payments is due for payment by a limited company when the preliminary tax is due and payable. If the corporation tax liability is under €200,000 in the prior year, the Company is defined as small company. To determine this, income … Read moreIncome tax on Relevant Payments for Small Companies

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Young Trained Farmers

The following are reliefs and exemptions available to young trained farmers: National Reserve Successful applicants receive an allocation of the new entitlements from the National Reserve on the basis of one entitlement for one hectare at the National Average of entitlements. Young Farmers Scheme Provides for an additional payment for a maximum of 5 years … Read moreYoung Trained Farmers

Land leasing Relief for certain income, leasing of farm land

Land Leasing Exemption

The land leasing exemption is available to land owners who let their land under a qualifying lease A qualifying lease: is in writing or evidenced in writing. contains the names and addresses of the lessor(s) and lessee(s). specifies the acreage, address, location etc of the land. sets out the terms of the lease. is signed … Read moreLand Leasing Exemption

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Energy efficient equipment accelerated capital allowances

Energy-efficient equipment is eligible for accelerated capital allowances of 100% in the year of purchase. Energy efficient equipment purchased must be: New Owned by the Company or unincorporated business. Wholly and exclusively used for the purposes of the trade. In use by the business at the end of the accounting period It must be on … Read moreEnergy efficient equipment accelerated capital allowances

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