Self assessment deadline is 31st October 2017 for self-employed taxpayers, PAYE workers and retired persons with other income.

Pay and File self assessment deadline 31st October 2017, self employed, Paye workers with other income
Self employed taxpayers:

Must submit accounts for the accounting year that ends in 2016. If the accounting year ends on 30th June 2016, these accounts are submitted on the 2016 Form 11.  It is important to note that all other income (e.g.deposit interest,dividends) and reliefs claimed (e.g. medical expenses) will be for the year ended 31st December 2016.

PAYE workers/retired persons with other income:

A PAYE worker must register for self assessment if:

  • they have other income
  • are considered a chargeable person.

Retired persons must register if:

  • their income is over the exemption limits
  • and they are not registered under the PAYE system.

Examples are:

  • Rental income
  • Investment income
  • Foreign income
  • Maintenance payments
  • Any other income that has not been taxed at source

Extension to the self assessment deadline:

The Revenue have extended the self assessment pay and file deadline to 16th November 2017 (originally 14th November 2017) if:

  • The Form 11 is filed online through Revenue Online Services(ROS)
  • Balance of tax for 2016 and the preliminary tax for 2017 is paid in full.

Please contact us for advice on whether you are required to file a self assessment return using the form below: